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Brennon O’neill is the guy popularly known as Gold Glove or Goldy on You Tube and Twitch.

He has an estimated net worth of 0,000 mainly earned from the two platforms. He is a You Tube gamer who mainly uploads videos of his gameplay with funny commentary.

Jeter was one of the most heavily marketed athletes of his generation and is involved in several product endorsements.

His personal life and relationships with celebrities have drawn the attention of the media throughout his career.

Monetized views range from 40% – 60% of the total views. There he has over 2000 subscribers on average per month who pay .99 for premium features on his channel. He makes even more money from donations and ad revenue.

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You Tubers get paid between – $ monetized views after You Tube takes its cut.

Jeter and Sharlee lived in Kalamazoo with their parents during the school year and spent their summers with their grandparents in New Jersey.

Attending New York Yankees games with his grandparents, Jeter became a passionate fan of the team.

Jeter continued to contribute during the team's championship seasons of 1998–2000; he finished third in voting for the American League (AL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award in 1998, recorded multiple career-high numbers in 1999, and won both the All-Star Game MVP and World Series MVP Awards in 2000.

He consistently placed among the AL leaders in hits and runs scored for most of his career, and served as the Yankees' team captain from 2003 until his retirement in 2014.

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