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By comparison, Strait’s version, the only one that most people will ever hear, is masterfully plain.

Casual listeners may know him best for “All My Ex’s Live in Texas,” a slightly drunken-sounding novelty song that long ago transcended its novelty status, elevated by countless bleary-eyed sing-alongs: “Texas is the place I’d dearly love to be / But all my ex’s live in Texas / And that’s why I hang my hat in Tennessee.” In this arena, though, people were just as excited for “Check Yes or No,” a good-natured radio perennial about a love affair that begins in the third grade and lasts well past the third chorus.

One time, in Key West, where he records, he was sitting outside the studio, naked from the neck up, when a woman accosted him.

She said, “My husband says that George Strait is in there, cutting a record, and I told him that can’t be true. ”Strait’s response was not, strictly speaking, a lie.

Strait has discovered that when he isn’t wearing a cowboy hat people often don’t realize that he is George Strait.

In San Antonio, where he lives, he can usually visit restaurants unmolested, so long as he doesn’t smile too widely—he is famous for his smile, which is bright and crooked.

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