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These are people who come to concerts in order toto get some vivacity and good mood. Lexy Dance: I think that over time our music is becoming more balanced and well thought .And they can be metal, and Cyber or fans ofalternative music. We deliberately operate with diverse styles, trying todo more experiments with sounds and arrangements.Likewise, at the end of 2008 our bassist Andrew_Rex decided to devotemore time to his family and career. The thing is that we live in a small town and to find a reallygood bass player is a really big problem.Therefore, we have entrusted our bassparts to the sequencer AKAI MPC1000. Indeed, for manypeople a metalhead is a person who’s mainly banging his head at concerts, notdancing.

This is why our debut full-length «Dance Metal [Rave]olution» sounded more eclectic.

Lexy Dance: I think that it’s obvious for many of our fans thatone the main sources of inspiration for us was The Kovenant .

Many people havetold us that we are just their imitators, or even clones.

Now, when we are in the process of working onour second album, I can clearly say that we do not stand still. Newman: We'restill racking our brains wondering "How the hell should we sound? Itis where getting feedback from the fans is very important for us, but they alsohave quite diverse opinions.

I personally think that our style should have been,so to say, crystallized by itself.

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