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Given that this selection resource was recommended by the current head of collections at the University of Tennessee Library, this author would perceive its usefulness grows over time as selection librarians have better knowledge of legal resources and authors. World Cat Finally, World Cat was utilized to search for items which might be available for selections. Although World Cat is not necessarily limited to legal information sources as Spinelli’s, Harvard University Press, and Green Slips, it is searchable by topic and does have one very important feature: it shows which items are held at nearby libraries; this is useful in helping to identify perceived popularity or relevance of an item, as well as to help the decision-making process: if an item cannot be purchase due to fund availability, at least being able to refer patrons to a nearby library for an item is helpful. In this search, seven selectables were identified for the collection being developed. While this group many not be considered practicing experts, they do have sufficient qualities to provide authoritative opinions on the topic.

The author is on a law librarianship career track and is interested in learning more about legal materials and law libraries, and so will work closely with Cristina Minter, Librarian at U. District Courts, Southern District of Texas, to uncover the needs, mission, role, and users of this court library to build a print and digital format constitutional law collection suitable for use by federal court personnel.

The resources used for this section of the project, entitled “selection and promotion,” include information about the library from its public internet page, it online catalog, the library’s collection development policy, personal communication with Ms.

Minter, and other experts, and sources of reviews and new publications.

Minter, personal communication, February 21, 2017; General Public User Participant C, survey responses, February 21, 2017; Judge Participant D, survey responses, February 21, 2017; Law Clerk Participant B, survey responses, February 21, 2017; Local Attorney Participant A, survey responses, February 21, 2017).

The average cost of items for this collection are indicated in Table 7.1 above (“Green Slips,” n.d.).

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