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The film's beginning sees Zaza and his parents Yasha and Lili visiting the home of a possible match, who is still in high school.Zaza is clearly unenthusiastic and it is mentioned that he has seen dozens of prospective brides before this.Title: Breaking up Really Sucks Release date: 2001 Genres: Comedy; Short Actors: Alexandra Paul, Karri Bowman, Tia Hunnicutt, R.Hilarious and sexy comedy-drama about love versus tradition in a contemporary Jewish family...Zaza returns to the reception hall and gives a long, awkward, repetitive speech, while his new wife—who is not Judith—stands uncomfortably by his side.

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It becomes clear that they are at Zaza's wedding reception, and Zaza is drunk.The film was positively reviewed and was Israel's submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the 74th Academy Awards.Zaza (Lior Ashkenazi) is a 31-year-old Georgian-Israeli Ph D student at Tel Aviv University whose family is trying to arrange a marriage for him within the Georgian community.According to his parents, good-looking bachelor Zaza is long overdue for marriage.Little do they know, he's already in love with a divorced single mother.

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