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For many, the longevity of a company plays a vital role in determining its trustworthiness.Siemens hearing aids have stood the test of time and many consider the company an industry leader.

Countless consumers prefer the flexibility of Siemens hearing aids and they have been considered one of the best for over a century.Hearing aid reviews are an excellent way to determine which benefits are associated with various types of devices.Reviews will also give you an approximate cost of how much you can expect to pay for various features and styles.The GOALS of the hearing screening program are to: A referral is made to the child's primary care provider office, pediatrician's office, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician's office or audiologist's office.Follow-up for all referrals is conducted to assure that care is received. Local Health Departments also sponsor Otology clinics in which the child is evaluated by an audiologist and ENT, FREE of charge.

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