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"Osho continues publishing very good spiritual texts indeed. Osho helps the reader to face the reality of his own death without fear, and thereby living life to the optimum.Originating in Poland around 1750, Hasidim sought a direct, spontaneous religious experience of life, and created a great tradition of laughing saints and wonderful stories.It also helps her go on to read successfully later in childhood.Reading stories stimulates your child’s imagination and helps him learn about the world around him.It’s also a great time for you to bond with your child and share time together.You can start reading to your child as early as you like – the earlier the better.

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"Try to understand Zen through laughter, not through prayer," he suggests. Content : Of the ultimate realization of Zen, Osho says, "Suddenly you become aware of a music that has always surrounded you...The book also includes a lavish color photo section on the death celebration.Content : "The Baul mystics are children of celebration. Whatever is, is seen as a gift..simply love life in all its aspects," is how Osho introduces us to these mystics of Bengal.If you’re not sure what or how to start reading with your preschooler, here are some ideas.Sharing stories, talking and singing every day helps your child’s development in lots of ways.

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