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Hip-hop has been defined by many as a way of life that encompasses everything from way of dress to manner of speech.Hip-hop as a culture originally included graffiti writing, deejaying, break dancing, rap music, and the oft-forgotten fifth element, knowledge.She’s clearly in an adventurous phase right now, and as recently as last year, she released an EDM-inspired track called “Obsessed,” replete with bass drops and dance beats.Her upcoming sixth album — tentatively titled The One — will most likely be a mixed bag of hip-hop and slower cuts, filled with strong messages about self-love and anti-fuck boy rhetoric. https://twitter.com/S_C_/status/648891212317921280 After reaching one million subscribers, the music/entertainment streaming service is hosting a benefit concert called "TIDAL x 10/20," which is being held at...Two years after landing a guest verse on Trick Daddy’s 1998 album, com, Miami rapper Trina released her debut, Baddest B***h.The black feminist and womanist agendas are agendas that hip-hop feminists, the majority of whom are black women, share with their foremothers who saw their struggles with gender oppression as intimately connected to their struggles with race and class oppressions.

It has also expanded enough to include its own brand of feminism.

Elaine Richardson carefully details the ways in which the young women who listen to and love hip-hop process the images and have thoughtful and critical conversations about the culture and the music when she examines female hip-hop literacies in her book Hiphop Literacies (2006).

[81] And it has me thinking seriously about what a hip-hop feminist literacy would allow us to do and why we need one.

A hip-hop state of mind—one that freely samples, mixes, and remixes—influences the theoretical underpinnings of hip-hop feminism as well as the activism of hip-hop feminists.

This essay highlights some of the ways hip-hop feminist agendas have taken shape while always keeping in mind, as the epigraphs from Jean Grae and Joan Morgan show, there won’t be just one truth but multiple ones. dark and light” of it will help feminists to better do what Joan Morgan suggests feminism needs to do—be “brave enough to fuck with the grays” (1999, 59).

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