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Lily abandons Ted to go to her art fellowship in New Haven, Connecticut.Luckily, Robin picks up Ted and bring him to his date.Barney tries to smooth things over with everybody, but winds up flipping out on his brother and his mother saying the only thing he needs anymore is Robin.Barney introduces Ted to a few single ladies that will be at the wedding, for them to be his weekend date, and winds up getting stuck with Cassie , who winds up irritating Ted.As both Robin and Barney's elderly relatives start to arrive in Farhamptom, both openly muse about their relatives' lives and that they are probably no longer doing it after all these years.So Robin and Barney decide they need to have sex one more time before marriage ruins the magic of the act.

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Marshall skypes with the two of them, and tells them to recreate the scenario while the two of them hold hands.When the minster learns about the sinful ways Robin and Barney got together, has a heart attack and dies. Also, Marshall's new driving companion finds out about the impending fight between Marshall/Lily, and texts Lily about it.Marshall has the rest of the gang attempt to get Lily's phone from her, to delete the message.They discuss many aspects of the list, primarily the only thing not yet checked off and the overall nature of the list.And as Marshall and Daphne drive through Wisconsin, Marshall can't help but show his ...

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    Since the ghosts were a serious threat, Danny decided to take on the role of a superhero to protect Amity Park.