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I think that’s really what hacking has to offer." F.Though the event was somewhat revealing of the sharp divide between some art galleries in Manhattan's upscale Chelsea neighborhood (in this case, literally a line in a wall).Instead of racing to beat yellow lights, or bemoaning an excruciatingly stale red light, they’ve shown that a centrally-controlled system in constant communication with every car on the road could synchronize the flow of traffic to optimize travel times and send us racing fearlessly through four-way intersections.In other words, traffic lights may someday go the way of pay phones — urban relics that remind us of simpler times."A lot of these projects are really more social hacks than technical hacks.Occasionally they break a law or two: outside, famed NYC graffiti artist and F.Probably the biggest piece on display, Theo Watson's sprawling "Every GML" projection, is composed of 40,000 personal signatures made with the Graffiti Markup Language he and Roth created.

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On display at the Eyebeam Art Technology Center in New York City, the group’s five-year retrospective F.It’s parked suspiciously in the center of the space, surrounded by a crowd wearing Sergey Brin cut-out masks and what looks to be Google Glass — a closer look reveals they’re actually counterfeit 3D-printed frames made to look like Glass; the folks wearing them are coincidentally mingling with a lone Google employee wearing the real thing.Nearby, there’s a QR code graffiti stencil set that produces the effect of 19th Century hobo glyphs, and a glass display holding the likenesses of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as a set of 3D-printed dildos.Needless to say, Paula Cooper wasn't too thrilled about her new bling.When you’re in that Google car, people treat you differently [...] When you step onto that stage and post the video of your TED talk on the internet and watch the comments you get, it’s kind of like giving people a taste of what that empowerment feels like.

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    For those of you who are new to the concept of hacked PSPs, custom firmware might not sound so familiar. Homebrew is software developed by the user community.