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Please note The London Clinic may bill you if a balance remains for any services not covered.As a new patient with The London Clinic, please contact their International Office via email or by calling 44 (0) 2 for assistance with finding a consultant, making appointments, and assisting you with coordinating your admissions.

This year, thank your body by maintaining a healthy diet during the traditional gatherings.

Complete prescribing information for Mepsevii is available here.

We hope to see you at one of our Open Season Briefings.

Thanksgiving Trivia Thanksgiving is approaching – a time to be with family, reflect on our good fortune and how lucky we are to celebrate this truly American holiday. Chowing down for one day on Thanksgiving is no big deal. Overeating on Thanksgiving has become a national pastime.

But the traditional foods that we love so much are extremely high in fat and calories.

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