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NEW PREDICTION: 9/19/05, POSTED 11/23/05 -- If the photos below look familiar, it is because I used them to dramatise two other earthquakes that occurred in 2002.

They are here because a visitor to this website, will be a dangerous vector during which Mexico City could be jarred by a massive earthquake.

En términos científicos, no hay ninguna explicación más que la casualidad, pues no existe una temporada de mayor sismicidad o donde haya sismos más fuertes.

"Es una sorprendente coincidencia hasta donde podemos entender.

Now, cracks in the concrete walls of the dilapidated tanks have allowed seawater and rainwater to seep in and corrode the lethal contents.

The situation is so bad Russia's nuclear agency has warned rods at the site could explode in an "uncontrolled chain reaction", according to a Norwegian environmental group, which says it has a leaked copy of a report.

However, I did not get a chance to post the prediction before I received Ernesto's email where he reveals arriving at the same prediction, also using the base 7 system, last year.

For this reason, and because of certain specifics in his letter, I am publishing this as a joint prediction.

La distancia menor entre el epicentro y los lugares donde sus efectos fueron mayores es también la razón por la que la alerta sísmica no haya funcionado con anterioridad.

The following email correspondence will reveal much information concerning this coming earthquake, both from Ernesto's perspective and my own perspective.

It will also provide insight on how the base 7 system can be used, as well as discussing its potential limitations.

A pesar de que la magnitud es menor, el efecto de la cercanía acentúa las intensidades que se perciben en la zona afectada en la capital, Morelos y Puebla”, refiere el especialista.

En términos técnicos, este terremoto ocurrió en la placa de Cocos subducida (que va por debajo de otra placa), a una profundidad de 50 kilómetros.

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