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Second was the significant public cost of doing that.

The transport authority had big expansion plans for Kutsuplus.

Operated by the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, Kutsuplus was the best-known component of Helsinki’s and Finland’s intelligent traffic system. But late last year, Helsinki authorities shut down Kutsuplus, deeming its cost to taxpayers too high.

The blue minibuses picked up their last passengers on December 31.

“It’s sad in some ways, because Helsinki was the innovator when it came to this,” Keshani says.

, Finland — Four years ago, Helsinki launched an innovative bus service as part of a long-term plan to make cars irrelevant.

It was called Kutsuplus — Finnish for “call plus.” And it was one of the world’s first attempts to reinvent carpooling for the algorithm age.

The roots of Kutsuplus go back almost a decade, when a publicly funded research project looking into new modes of public transport started at Aalto University.

The researchers wanted to overcome one of the intrinsic limitations of Helsinki’s mass transit system: The subway has limited reach, and most bus routes run in a north-south direction.

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