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USDA found Aurora in complete compliance with organic pasture standards. Result: Price for dairy livestock are generally down.

Some Agri-Mark members will pay higher stop charge fees to their co-op, starting in January 2018. For the farmer being picked up every other day, thats an extra 0/month in extra marketing costs paid to the co-op. The hike is based upon a recent internal milk hauling study. dairy farmers have probably never heard of that group. Some buyers are looking for breeding age and short-bred heifers.

We properly credit the international dairy report, Barry Wilsons Dairy Industry Newsletter, with continued important reporting.

Trouble is: Fuel Up to Play 60 only promotions low fat and fat-free dairy products. Iowa organic dairy farmer/processor Francis Thicke retired from his post at the National Organic Standards Board on November 2 and gave them an earful about failure to properly police the integrity of organic grain imports and U. Scandal-ridden JBS, SA the worlds largest meat slaughter operator had its two top executives jailed in Brazil. Grassland Dairy Products Wisconsins biggest private milk procurer recently informed its producers that all hauling subsidies and other premiums would be terminated.

USDA coughed up those reports following embarrassment as the Organization for Competitive Markets and the National Dairy Producers Organization revealed the governments failure to release that info in September.

In late September, USDAs National Organic Program dismissed a complaint filed by The Cornucopia Institute against Colorado-based Aurora Organic Dairy. In some regions, crop volumes and quality are of concern.

We invite dairy farmers to contact a long list of dairy promotion groups asking questions about whether their state/regional promotion groups bought tables (10 persons) at that gala with chairs costing ,500 to ,000 each.

Writer Jan Shepel profiles the Salemville Cheese Co-op in Wisconsin.

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