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After a few months, she started to grow her own vegetables in the garden near Wawel castle.At first the Polish nobles did not understand Bona’s diet, but with time, vegetables started to be more popular among Polish people.Bona Sforza was born on February 2, 1494 in Vigevano, Italy.She grew up surrounded by stories about great world explorers, danger from the Ottoman Empire, and the beauty of the Italian Renaissance.However, soon after Anushka’s spokesperson rubbished all such rumours saying that there was “absolutely no truth in it”.Nonetheless, Virat and Anushka fans couldn’t hold the excitement and congratulatory messages started pouring in from every corner of the world.Bona started to be active politically from the moment she became the queen.

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Sigismund II August, her only son to survive until adulthood, was a romantic and focused on his marriages and art more than on being a serious king. She was opposed to the Habsburg family and supported the actions of the Ottoman Empire.

She started her long travel to Crackow (Kraków), to a country with a colder climate and completely different mentality.

If the Polish believed that the young and beautiful lady would be content as just the mother of the king's children and stay far away from politics, they would have been totally wrong.

Nowadays, a basic bunch of vegetables that includes celery, carrot, parsley, and leek is called ‘‘włoszczyzna’’ (Włochy).

After Sigismund's death in 1548, Bona became a very important person in the court of her son – Sigismund II August.

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