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Seven months after his mother's stroke, and continuing on his path of sobriety and healthier living, Jack is called on to investigate the death of a female university student, Sarah Bradley, who has fallen from a roof while dressed in theatre costume.A ring of paper around her wrist contains an apparent suicide note written in her blood, and Gardaí assume the death to be drug related.Meanwhile, Kate has a new boss, DS Griffin, who is overseeing her promotion into a detective.Griffin, however, is less than pleased with Kate's association with Jack and warns him to stay clear of Kate – and the investigation.

Kate is forced to once again suppress evidence from the crime scene in order to ensure Jack's freedom – but will he discover the link between the cases before the killer strikes again?

Assisted by eager young investigator Cody, Jack discovers that Niall was suspected of being responsible for the disappearance of three twelve year old girls.

Meanwhile, upon re-establishing contact with Anne Henderson, Jack finds her in an abusive relationship with a local businessman, Caffrey.

However, it soon transpires that Sutton (Ralph Brown) has alternative motives for wanting to work on the case, and Jack soon realises that his closest friend may also be his closest enemy.

Upon returning to Galway, Jack is an approached by an old friend, O'Shea, whose son, Niall, was killed after falling from a balcony on a construction site.

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