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In 1998, high school senior Maka Albarn struggles through a year of growth, change, and heartache. Soul no puede dejar de mirarla, ha echado mucho de menos ver sus piernas. Protecting her own future may prove difficult when she discovers secrets she never wanted to know. Todos tienen dos vidas, la vida que aparentan tener y la que verdaderamente tienen, he aquí el mejor ejemplo que puedo aportar a esta reflexión: Yo. One-shot Maka Albarn is the best personal assistant at Grigori Solutions. But luckily for her, a spur-of-the-moment belly button piercing might be the key to easing some sexual frustration – if she can fumble her way through initiating webcam sex, that is. ADVERTENCIA: LEMMONCiel gets sick, so Elizabeth takes it upon herself to take care of him until he gets better. A young girl comes to Azumano from overseas to escape her life for a while but gets caught in the middle of a world that's even less normal than the one she tried to leave behind. Caught in a deadly race with the ship Arachnophobia, all chasing the legendary Oni's Treasure, where only one can claim the first true pirate's riches.A week before Christmas, Maka, battling a witch, has a spell cast upon her that causes her to shrink.Maka and Soul, unable to figure out a cure, have to wait until Blair returns from a trip, and Soul spends his days taking care of his tiny meister.It had been just sex after all, even if he had been endearingly awkward and cute and had flirted with her via pastries. So when Soul gets hit with a spell that turns him to a doll how will he get back? He was their school's cliche, stereotypically popular jerk.Maybe she should have at least asked for his last name as well. A night of studying doesn't turn out the way Maka expected when the fire alarm rings and she finds herself outside standing by the white haired boy who lives across the hall from her. And what happens when Blair and Alex come up with a plan on what to do with Soul? She was their school's ignored, socially awkward nerd. She misses Soul and the physicality of their relationship that can't be translated via Skype calls. :) DISCLAIMER: Black Butler belongs to Yana Toboso, AKA a human that is not me. And no way in Hell would she be seen in public with those words written on her wrist." Soul Mate AU - In which the first sentence your soul mate will speak to you is tattooed onto your skin once you turn 18, and Maka finds out that not all sentences are romantic. Now she's stuck with the rich asshole Soul Evans and in need for a solution to the unfortunate mistake. For So Ma week 2016Las chicas han organizado una Pijamada en la casa de Twilight, todas ellas tiene algo que confesar en esta fiesta de pijamas, ¿Que pasara en esta noche de Chicas? Just a short crossover about Maka and Soul coming over to T. Guided by her dreams she joined Shibusen, ruled under the sinister thumb of Captain Soul Eater. What's meant to be a relaxed vacation grows more complicated as time wanes down and Maka wonders if she broke up with Soul for the right reasons. Homesick and stressed out, Maka can't remember why she chose to study abroad. "There was no way Maka's soul mate's first words to her would be 'watch where you're going, Tiny Tits.'... But at the ceremony she ended up with the person she disliked the most instead of her soul mate. Si el curso de esta historia te esta gustando puedes leerla en Wattpad, de ahora en adelante las actualizaciones solo seran ahí. Maka and Soul go to Yukio's classroom and demonstrate their abilities while also teaching them all that they've learned from D. As a young child, Maka dreamt of adventures and piracy.

Between her upcoming graduation, her parent's crumbling marriage and a frustrating, overwhelming crush on her neighbor it's, like, totally brutal. Tirándome al "rebelde" del instituto, me presento como Maka Albarn, presidenta del consejo estudiantil de Shibusen. She's a hard worker, well liked and inching closer to her ultimate goal of returning to school and becoming a business woman, just like her Mama.However, when he becomes the nemesis of the cute blonde who runs the girls' side of camp and best friends with the leader of the boys', a prank battle of the sexes breaks out and to the victor goes the bragging rights.But as he starts to develop feelings for the enemy things go awry...Era una enfermedad, "Una Maldita Maldita Enfermedad Llamada Amor" (Soarin Dash/Humanizado) Fanfic ganador del "Ranking de Parejas" hecho en ¡Ask: MLP! SKBig Bang Una chica con pelo arcoiris y ojos rosados algo oscuro, llamada Rainbow Dash, muy fria para demostrar sentimientos y muy agresiva amante de los deportes, pero perdidamente enamorada por dentro, de su compañero de clase, un chico alegre con el pelo azul y ojos verdes. Es hora de que ella aprenda a comportarse como una chica, y dejar de pensar en Akane.Pero este esta por casarse con su novia Spitfire, una chica muy diferente a ella. Soarin el co-capitán de los Wonderbolt tiene una vida aparentemente normal, pero la llegada de una carta de sus padres pondra su mundo de cabeza, y ahora con solo 14 días Soarin deberá enamorar a cierta pegaso de crin arco iris o decirle adiós a los Wonderbolt Hooking up with a stranger at her childhood friend's wedding hadn't been Maka's plan, nor had she planned on being so hung up on him after that night. Ranma debe aprender a vivir con Ranko como si fuera de su familia.

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