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The figure has 4 holes but otherwise no other clues.

Not thinking much of it, the team decides to ignore.

But before he could take him down, the tremors he has been experiencing lately slows him down. When his team arrives, they inform him about a dead body in one of the buildings.

Emmanuel (Suman) and his wife (Suhasini) are a rich couple in town lived with their 16 year old daughter and a caretaker.

Ranjith's boss assigns his team a task to pursue a group of five criminals, who continue to avoid justice with their influence and power.

Ranjith suggests a more direct approach to taking them out, but his boss declines to go along.

The killer continues to taunt the team, sending them clues as he kills more people, which includes a lawyer and a doctor.

Ranjith follows one of the clues and finds the killer.

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