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Publicity-seeking Griffin has mockingly referred to Johnston as her boyfriend.He'll be featured when she attempts to visit Sarah Palin's Wasilla home to leave an invitation to her Anchorage show. Over the course of the series, her father, John, a retired electronics store manager, died, and Griffin divorced her husband, Matt.As Griffin progressed from taking Groundlings classes to teaching them, students Will Forte and Chris Parnell joined , HBO stand-up specials and voice-over work on cartoons. "I was back in career limbo, too well known for auditioning with total unknowns, not famous or successful enough to be part of a series," Griffin says.An early MTV stab at reality TV, , lasted just six episodes in 2001.She strung together clips of celebrities and provided running wisecracks, an act that began building a local following. The start of something big Even by basic-cable standards, has never been a big hit; it averaged 936,000 viewers last season, down 15% from Season 4.

Her profane observational humor and shocking send-ups of celebrities led to a permanent ban at Harlem's Apollo Theater — she was unaware it was family night — and prolonged exiles from talk shows ranging from . issued an apology in 2005 after Griffin, co-hosting a red-carpet event, told viewers that actress Dakota Fanning, then 10, was in rehab.

Kathy Griffin may have spent most of her life reaching for the stars, but she's finding it far more rewarding poking fun at them.

From her teens till her mid-40s, Griffin's career was a roller coaster of sporadic successes, frequent rejections and protracted periods of limbo.

And she'll perform her stand-up act live at 100 venues by year's end.

"I like to use the term 'late bloomer,' " says Griffin, who lived with her parents until she was 28.

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