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Palikowka A village in Rzeszow county, that lies over the old river-bed of the Wislok River, on the North from the railway road (of archduke Karol Ludwik) in Strazow, it lies a distance of 12 kilometers to North-East from Rzeszow; the Roman-Catholic parish is in Laka.This small settlement is located down on the fertile plain, on the right bank of the Wislok River.The urban village of Parchanie has 48 houses with 355 inhabitants.The Parchanie urban district has 55 houses with 462 inhabitants (71 Protestants and 391 Catholics).In 1239, the Bishops established the Parchanie estate and in 1259, half of the mill was constructed.Documents dated June 19, 1259 list Parchanie among the villages owned by Pope Aleksandr IV.

The Parchanie estate has 7 houses with 127 inhabitants.

The onion is rich on vital substances and tastes delicious with bread and salads, sauces, soups and meat.

The potatoes variety Satina has delicious taste for children, is used also for cooking, French fries, salads and potato pancakes, but also for drying and deep freezing.

Spelt as the best grain is also well known as healing product, is well-tolerated and has harmonic influence on the body, especially on digestion.

Spelt is grown and harvested with the hulls, which protects the grain from all kind of contaminations. The bread backed by myself is a natural healing for the life.

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