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The city maintains a website that explains how to apply for parklets, along with information on code compliance and other requirements.The idea is to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment through the use of a platform extending into the street, built to match the grade of the sidewalk, with seating provided by benches or chairs.Info: Comic Fans Cry Out for Porn Director Axel Braun to Save the Fantastic Four‘You’re Our Only Hope,’ Reads …[Read More...]This week the White House appointed Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, its first openly transgender staffer in the nation’s history.Just released from Kink's sub-site Whipped Ass is "Bitch Better Lick My Honey" a porn parody of …[Read More...]We all know the stereotypes when it comes to women of a certain age. They're not conventionally attractive to most of the public.Even in porn, women in their thirties are often thought of as MILFs. [Read More...]The Clermont Lounge is a kinky kitschy Atlanta, Georgia staple.

It was the first trolley car in Oakland to operate using electricity, a fact that generated headlines in the evening papers, say the files.Freedman-Gurspan, who is Latina, was welcomed to the Office of Presidential Personnel and will be the outreach and recruitment director. [Read More...]Geeks worldwide know Sir Patrick Stewart from a variety of settings during his successful acting career over the years.Whether you followed his 7 year reign as Captain of the Enterprise as the beloved Jean Luc Picard, or admired his teaching wayward mutants …The railway company transported residents from Berkeley to downtown Oakland and back.My name is Denzel and Im looking for a married couple who husband is into watching and loving to see his wife fuck black cock.

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