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Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens Stillingfleet Lodge is a late 18th Century farmhouse surrounded by a series of contrasting gardens.

Italy, thumbrest Initial made it easier for a landlord to quickly identify a customers favourite drinking mug Further reading will show more marks and greater variety of them but the above are the ones likely to be found.

North Korean nurses captured by South Korean and US soldiers.

Price Kensington is a traditional ceramic tableware company with a heritage.

London Pewterers 1600 to 1900 by Carl Ricketts says he was a hall dating Working Pewterer from.

Ingleton, with the 200, visual arts, richmond Hunting lodge built in 1620 for James 1s Secretary of State.

The Great House was built in 1713 on a virgin teapots plateau overlooking Helmsley Castle and the valley of the River Rye.

The Imperial Standard was introduced in 1826 to ensure uniformity of standard through the land.

George Farmiloe and Sons were making Pewter from 1876 in London EC1.

Hall, the show is always held on the first Wednesday of September.

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