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Sierra has short red hair and mesmerizing green eyes.She has a tattoo on her lower back and has her cute little belly button pierced.

I spent 365 consecutive days wearing white -- all white, only white -- all the way down to my underwear and socks. There was also three required months of no sex, no looking in mirrors, and taking all of my meals on a mat on a floor. I didn't commit to such terms because I was questioning infidelity from a rap god, but because I had become an , and the title given to men and women going through the Ifa/Santeria/Candomble initiation rites to become a priest.During this year, you become in some ways a nun and are married to your orisha.No, i'm not saying that Beyonce has become a priestess, or that she even practices Ifa (but putting Ibeyi in the video says a LOT, Bey! But in this project, the many critics and critiques of Beyonce's African descent (as i've seen argued because of her wealth, or blonde hair) must be paused to acknowledge what is clearly there.Sierra does mostly hardcore style scenes, and has been shot by such large adult sites as Evil Angel and New Sensations.Selena Rose – Megapack Selena Rose was born in the United States on August 7, 1990, and is of Cuban descent.

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