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This CD has been well received, and grows as my knowledge grows.Order CD If you are planning to use your lister to drive an AC generator head, this CD will discuss things you should know before making your selection.

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He has logged 370 hours with this mixture and is very happy with the power he is getting for an average of one quart of fuel per hour.I sell a CD with this article included, numerous pictures, info on making specialty tools, how to inspect and determine quality, how to prepare a common Listeroid for hard work.Setting up cooling systems, and a bunch more including the utterpower manual for the ST gen head.The price for these engines *per kilowatt* is cheap, when compared to the more commonly found gasoline-powered generators, though they are not very portable.What is truly amazing is the efficiency of the Lister: one user reports an average of 8000 watts and 0.3 gallons of diesel per hour.

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