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Even if he gets to know his biological parents, his identity and life are primarily shaped by his adoptive parents. As to the ultimate question of changing gender identity, to make a blanket statement about all cases would be insensitive and cruel. God knows the heart of every person.1 Regardless of the choice, a Christian with this problem can rejoice in his/her identity in Christ that transcends male-ness and female-ness and that will last for eternity.

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As an obstetrician in the modern world, I knew that genetic questions about the ambiguity of a newborn’s genitalia could be answered with a look at the child’s DNA.

Under the influence of the hormones and the DNA blueprint, certain basic tissues are formed into either male or female structures and certain tissues regress.

Embryologists call those building blocks destined to develop into “female” structures the Mullerian duct system, and those building blocks destined for “male” structures are the Wolffian duct system.

True hermaphrodites have both ovarian and testicular tissue present in their bodies.

As a result of the hormonal effects of these conflicting tissues, a wide variety of external appearances may result.

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