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The violent, male sky-gods come to dominate religion, including one named Jehovah.The Aryan (pastoral tribes of the steppe regions) invasion of India leads to their caste system; the invaders are the favored class.

They populate the Greater Antilles in the millions by 1492, and are loosely known as the Taino.The Vikings’ violent ways quickly create resistance from the local Algonquin people, and their colonization is not permanent.In Iceland, the Vikings are unable to easily plunder neighboring lands and quickly become a peaceful people, engaging in trade.By the time of Jesus, Etruscan culture was almost completely absorbed into Roman culture.Greek resistance to Roman rule leads to the complete destruction of Corinth and the sale of its inhabitants into slavery. The Roman Republic begins expanding across Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East. Eventually, hundred of thousands of Rome’s citizens received free food for political reasons.

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