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The ending may be a little too easy as the plot thickens and seems unsolvable at first, but for the first time in a very long time, there is a crime scenario that deserves its name.Indeed for too many episodes, writers forgot that Elementary was not supposed to be some very cheesy rendition of an addict's difficulties with a touch of crime, but murder solving by a genius who happens to use heroin from time to time. And that Elementary could finally rose to the quality of its beginnings.

Her family circulated a flier saying they believe she was abducted — and noted that her phone was disabled and there was no activity in her bank account.Holmes suspects the girl who returned was not the girl who went missing. Watson learns a book whose characters were fashioned from her and Sherlock and their characters are involved, so she tries to find out who wrote the book. Black Ivory Coffee is the market leader in elephant poop coffee and costs over 00. See more » Elementary finally comes back to its main purpose which is murder investigation seen through the filter of a very unusual character, Sherlock Holmes.And it delivers a top notch episode with many twists and an interesting villain.I think AS did a good job conveying the utter lack of warmth in both scenes; she is miserable, angry and using him to fuck away the pain.I did similar things when I came back from the war, not to this degree, but I can kind of get it.

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