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His straightforward translation from the original Hebrew and Greek made the text understandable to parishioners, and contributed significantly to its success.For the latest revision - there have been four over the centuries - nearly half of the 35,598 verses translated by Luther have been changed, at times reverting the language to the original text to better reflect the words of the reformer.That's why we opted to make use of those words once again.In spite of all the revisions, Luther's Bible is still a book that originated in the 16th century.Online, it's available at, where youcan access the entire text for free.And the new Luther Bible is also available as an app.

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Theologian Christoph Rösel explains how the text shaped the German language and remains relevant today.Couldn't the use of such archaic language hinder comprehension?It's possible that some alterations to the text could confuse the reader.For some purposes, one shouldn't start out with Luther's Bible, but perhaps instead with the Basis Bible.The Basis Bible is a new translation by the German Bible Society, which tries to apply Luther's principle of writing how people really talk today, while at the same time remaining close to the original text.

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