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Please age-grade results for all runners using the most current version of the WMA/USATF Age-Graded tables (2015).Contact your software/timing system manufacturer to be sure that your software has the latest version of the age-grading tables.They should be included in the results as “guest” athletes but they should be identified in some way as non-scorers.They may be affiliated with a USATF member club but may not be included as a member of any scoring team.Result Printout #3 = 5-Year Age Groups for awarding Championship medals Printout #3 should be sorted by 5-year age divisions beginning at 40-44 and continuing to the 5-year age division of the oldest runner in the race.Please include all finishers in each age group as follows: Place in Age Group/Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATFClub/City/Age/Time/ Result Printout #4 = Age-Graded Results Printout #4 should be sorted by the age-graded percent with separate printouts for each gender and shall include: Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATFClub/City/Age/Time/Age-grade percent.The Masters LDR Race Liaison can assist you in obtaining the most current tables.Please list all finishers in order by age-graded Performance Level Percentage (P) Use the Percent.

To assist the Masters Race Liaison in the awarding of Elite Performance Medals, please provide one extra hard copy of age graded results sorted by last name. • USATF “official” times should always be rounded and reported to the next longer full second.Times of runners # 4 and 5, if present, shall be enclosed by parentheses (as on the sample shown, exhibit 1) A runner may only be listed on a single team roster. All runners on incomplete teams, runners on teams in other divisions and all unattached runners shall not be included in the team scoring for a division.In order to score for a team, a runner must be declared on the official team declaration form.In order to provide consistent championship results for media and promotions, the timing company should use the following format headings: Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATF Club/City/Age/Time/Age-grade percent Age should be single-year age and not date of birth.If a runner is not affiliated with a USATF Club, then they should be listed as “Unattached”. Results Printouts Immediately after the Race on site In addition to copies of results posted onsite and copies requested by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), one hard copy of each of the following results, in ‘portrait’ style, not landscape, shall be made available to Championship Referee and to the USATF Masters Race Liaison: Result Printout #1 = Overall Order of Finish Printout #1 should be sorted by overall place in the race and include: Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATF Club/City/Age/Time/ This result should be posted as soon as possible after review by the Championship Referee.

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