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If you love her, you shouldn’t have agreed to marry her.This is not an illness that you can live with but an illness where you can’t live. With this man’s physical condition, he can’t even take care of himself.From this point of view, the man is kind of wretched, and certainly not above accusations of being immoral [inconsiderate, selfish].In addition, I totally disagree with the view of love being supreme above all else that is implied in the content.Though he has never attended school, he knows a lot about history, geography, current affairs, etc. He is very earnest and brave towards life, and the physical disability makes him even more positive. He can be my guide, walking with me on the road of life.”I wish them well too, and hope their love can last a long time. With the woman so young, and human, she’ll need a sex life.Love is TM like a ghost, most afraid to see the light.Living in Kuala Lumpur, Yan Shuying says she has always longed for country life and now has had her wish fulfilled.

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This society is this paralyzed man, already paralyzed. I can only say, this woman is very great [selfless, brave], but it’s hard to comment on the man. If the two of them swapped places, the man may not be as great. Nothing is too strange in the world, how can the difference between people who are handicapped be so large [referring to himself as a fellow disabled person]? As long as you strive and not give up while you live and breathe, I trust a miracle of love will appear by your side.August 8, Li Kangyu, a 38-year-old man from Hebei Tangshan, held a wedding ceremony with Yan Shuying from Malaysia and tied the knot as husband and wife.Due to the rheumatoid arthritis at a very young age, Li Kangyu has lied in bed for 31 years.With applications closing Wednesday, January 17 for our 2018 B. Wilderness Adventure trip for girls 16 , here’s what Girl Guides Lois and Laura have to say about their recent adventure and leadership conference hosted by Girl Scouts in Japan.(Warning: After reading this, you’ll totally want to apply for a Girl Guide travel experience.) Participating in this travel experience benefited me in so many ways.

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