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Brown shows a sequence of plans dating from a manuscript sketch of Fort Duquesne in 1754 up to the 'Plan of the New Fort at Pittsburgh', November 1759, which is almost identical to this image. The first fort was a rudimentary one built by Virginians in 1754 and called Fort Prince George. There are four structures across the Allegheny including the canal aqueduct.

It was destroyed the same year by the French who built Fort Duquesne. An attractive map with a fancy grapevine border and small illustrations of buildings along the right edge; also an anonymous map with no printer or source identified.

It was again abandoned when the new Fort Fayette was constructed in 1791-92. "Crawfd" is undoubtedly Colonel William Crawford for whom Crawford County in Pennsylvania is named. This little woodcut from a school geography book is one of the earliest views of Pittsburgh as a developing industrial center with burgeoning river traffic. Although dated 1855, this map appeared in an 1859 edition of Colton's General Atlas, the same map appeared in several editions. It is printed on poor paper and this copy has some condition problems; apparently originally folded for a book or report.

FORT DU QUESNE, NOW PITTSBURGH, AND ITS ENVIRONS, from the January, 1759, issue of The Scots Magazine.

This woodcut map has sometimes been called the "first map of Pittsburgh," since General Forbes' army seized control of the Forks of the Ohio and renamed it "Pittsburgh" in November, 1758.

On December 1, 1758, the ruins of Fort Duquesne were officially renamed and from then on the Forks of the Ohio was called Pittsburgh. It shows the downtown with portions of the north (Allegheny City) and south side; insets of the neighborhoods of Lawrenceville and Manchester are along the left edge.

A temporary fort was built circa 1758-59 near the Monongahela River to house troops under the command of Colonel Hugh Mercer, and was called Mercer's Fort, see Brown, No. This was followed by Fort Pitt, which took several years to build. This is an anonymous manuscript map with annotations by George Washington done circa 1780 per Sellers & van Ee #1332. There is a name 'Livingston, Roggen & Co.' printed at right, but whether this is the printer or an ad is not known.

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