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Peach Gardens (DS) How about a track for a newcomer that rocks like Dry Bones, King Boo, Rosalina, Funky Kong, Honeybee Queen, or Shy Guy? Why is peach getting every race track in every game?! - Kenny Rulz244444 This track should be renamed 3 shades of green and unfitting chain chomps Why is everyone hating on peach and her tracks, they are all great!

It's long, tedious, and the Chain-Chomps are annoying.Waluigi Pinball (DS) I agree that Rainbow Road 64 is overrated, but Maple Treeway? Coconut Mall and Baby Park also shouldn't be in the top ten but Waluigi Pinball is all the way down at #18? Maple Treeway is the best track but Waluigi Pinball is pretty bland.I have never heard someone say they do not like this track. The scenery is alright but the track design is lame and boring, yet everyone loves Waluigi Pinball.It's not overrated - Berger Idiots, try practicing. That trunk ( I think that's what it is) is impossible to stay on, those fat wigglers block 99 percent of the track and CPUs will knock you off! PUT NEO BOWSER CITY/KOOPA CITY on 3ds You drive on grass for.This track is excellent but higly overrated, I can't understand why people put this course in their top 5, I don't find this the best track ever. The first three quarters of the track and then ramp off into an extremely blunt city.

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