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In many Reform synagogues, the entire congregation recites the Mourner's Kaddish together.This is sometimes said to be for those victims of the Holocaust who have no one left to recite the Mourner's Kaddish on their behalf.

The Jewish Encyclopedia This is included in the Siddur of Amram Gaon, but is a meditation taking the place of Kaddish rather than a Kaddish in the normal sense.This effort to extend the reach of Oseh Shalom to non-Jews is said to have been started by the British Liberal Jewish movement in 1967, with the introduction of v'al kol bnai Adam ("and upon all children of Adam"); NOTE: The phrase בן אדם (ben adam) pl.בני אדם (bnai adam) literally means "son of adam" or "son of man" but in Hebrew usage the phrase is taken to mean "human." The British usage above, then would be to invoke peace on all humankind, rather than on sons of children or descendants of Adam.Most of it is written in Aramaic, which, at the time of its original composition, was the lingua franca of the Jewish people.It is not composed in the vernacular Aramaic, however, but rather in a "literary, jargon Aramaic" that was used in the academies, and is identical to the dialect of the Targum.

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