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However, you’ll find many local girls are wary of gringos due to all the tourists that pass through the city.

Nightlife can be sparse, and many girls in Cartagena will be hookers.

Due to this phenomenon, you’ll definitely meet some chicks in Cali who have amazing bodies.

Colombian women from Cali (referred to as “calenas”) will often be a little bit darker than girls in Bogota and Medellin, but not from African genes.

All that being said – the colonial architecture in the city if far superior to most colonial towns I’ve visited.

The capital of Colombia is home to more hot Colombian girls than one’s mind could ever imagine.Another great part about the girls is Bogota is that you’ll find chicks from every other city in the capital.You could meet a rola one day, a calena the next day, and a costena a few days later. Our book, Cali is said to be the plastic surgery capital of Colombia (which is saying something).If that’s not an option and making love to Colombian women is your goal – you may want to come in the high season (December, January, early April, July, early August).Underrated and underreported – most travelers to Colombia would never imagine going to Cucuta.

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