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The standard striped Glider, as shown here, sold for .75 in 19.Conklin Glider gold and gray striped celluloid fountain pen closed The Glider is such a mix of good and bad, it makes you wonder if the company was simply assembling pens from whatever was on hand and buying the rest on sale.Recently, I've noticed that pen dealers have been raising prices on them, especially if they have a Cushon Point nib and the rest of the pen is in good shape.Some collectors take the Cushon Point nibs from Gliders and use them as replacements on Nozacs and other high end 1930s Conklins.Gliders, with the original equipment nib are a steal. Conklin Glider Reptilian gold and gray striped celluloid fountain pen cap and nib detail I think the secret is out on Gliders.

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Conklin offered 14 karat gold Cushon Point nibs in a wide array of types, including extra fine, fine, medium, coarse (broad), and stub medium, stub broad, left oblique, two way, and Recorder in extra fine, fine and medium.

One would suppose that if these were leftover nibs from the Toledo operation, then some of these nib types may have been available on the Glider.

Watch for darkening of the color, it should be vivid.

Because there are multiple sizes and colors, there are a lot of Glider variants out there to collect, and a nice collection would not break the bank and would yield a set of durable, great writing pens.

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