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Cancellation does not affect access to the site in any way, it just means "don't bill me again".

Furthermore we don't recommend waiting until the last minute to cancel and there's no reason to wait.

You can also get an idea of how active the website is just by joining and waiting it out a bit and you’ll start having messages and instant messages pouring in!

You can also have access to the mobile version of their page to see profiles with ease of use that way, too!

The most exciting thing about their website is the ease of use and quick sign-up.

Some websites are making it rather complicated to sign-up and get started with long compatibility information sheets which are nice, but may tend to bore individuals that just want a quick and easy solution to get started and find your ideal match.

Members are strongly encouraged to read all of the documentation concerning their membership and/or their paid subscription.

Unfortunately, we cannot force members to read everything, but that doesn't make us dishonest.

I have cancelled my request on April 2007 and ask that my credit card not be charged again; but I still got charge the following month-May, 2007.

Refused to get supervisor (probably no supervisors there) Rouge company that will rip you off! I too am being ripped off, I canceled my subscription months ago and have found out now that they have been charging my credit card each month. I don't even remember my user name or pass word so I can't even get on the sight to use what they are charging me for.

My credit card company said all they can do is block that credit card, and send me a new one with a new number.

Mate1placed a .95 unauthorized charge on my credit card I called to remove the charge.

Some "MIKE" at Mate1said I was minutes late cancelling the trial period (which I was not as I cancelled the second day).

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