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Like most uber clone apps, it allows users to set a starting point and a route, gain insight on their drivers, and even pay for the taxi fare without even talking to anyone.However, unlike most apps, Cabily features a highly simplified interactive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to access it without special knowledge, as well as a completely customizable set of options provided as part of the admin panel to help taxi companies personalize the software for their own special requirements.You can also track account credit and debit separately Booking a Cab Has Never Been Easier: The Cabily Automated Dispatch System With the rising popularity of uber clone apps, there are so many seemingly reliable mobile dispatch systems available out there, that you don't know which one to choose anymore. The app is developed using the latest in high end coding practices to deliver a convenient, easy to use interface combined with versatile functional features.The Cabily taxi dispatch system was made for a single, well-defined purpose: to make booking a cab easier both for the traveler and the cab driver.Whenever you decide to change fares, policies or details associated with the cashless payment system, all modifications will be extremely easy to implement.

Designed to run on mobile devices on the Android and i OS platforms, Cabily offers a wide range of features that allow you to monitor its results, track your drivers and accurately look up all payments made in a certain period of time.To truly keep your company under control, all you will need is the Cabily uber clone software, and you will easily be on your way to dominating your city and offering the best cab service in town.The transportation service of Cabily is being in a better place to provide a transportation service with the help of the mobile application.The app will basically create a complex network between your drivers and clients, connecting them through the sharing of information about routes and destinations, while keeping account of the payments and feedback provided by local customers, and allowing you to track and monitor the progress of your drivers to make sure nothing is out of line.Cabily is available both for Android and i OS, and using a complex taxi dispatch system that will always provide you with the best possible results, it will easily help you up the game against competing taxi companies, and help you achieve the success you're looking for.

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