Moro dating scam

The story of an old man whose good heart leads him to steal cash to help others.

3 The Case of Canary Jones- A nightclub singer is found dead in her apartment.

Also found in the car: a cartridge case, and some blood stains.

Baxter returns to the office- he had been to an address in King's Cross where Sarto lived, along with another man who answers to the description of Redding. When he is faced with a possible charge of murder, he blames Joe Rezkowski.

Ballistic tests show that the rifling on the bullet was different to that on this gun barrel, but a further test shows that the impression on the discharged shell case was the same.

Rezkowski is arrested for murder These were cinema second features made by Republic at Nettlefold Studios in 1953/4.

His wife screams when she sees the photo- she knows the dead man.Sentenced to prison for ten years, he escapes from a working party on the moors, determined to bring the killer to justice 8 The Case of The Black Falcon- with Tim Turner, Dorothy Alison, David Perrin, Guy Deghy, Elliot Makeham and Philo Hauser. 9 The Case of the Bogus Count- with Elwyn Brooke-Jones, and Anthony Newley as singer Gerry Barnes, who gets a job at a crooked night club. 10 The Case of The Express Delivery- with Sandra Dorne, a bad time girl who leads astray a once reliable mechanic Wally Ross.11 The Case of Diamond Annie- with Hugh Moxey, and Marjorie Rhodes in the title role.ITV bought the films and screened them in the 1960's.Details of the thirteen 35 minute stories: 1 The Case of The Studio Payroll (Cinema release date, with #2, Jan 18th 1954)- with Jack Watling and Susan Stephen.

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