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There are times when blowjobs result in moments of unbridled ecstasy for both the giver and receiver. there are the moments that are so cringe-worthy they can only be retold anonymously on the internet. I was giving head to a guy that I really liked during the first time we hooked up.

He then proceeded to tell me how good his last girlfriend was a blowjobs (which caused me to cry for the next hour). Well, one night (by some streak of luck) I ended up making out with the hottest guy from school in an upstairs room at a party. There was just a little bit of blood, but my boyfriend never requested a BJ from me again.

Knowing how candid people tend to get on Reddit, we visited the site to find out what real people cite as their funniest sex stories. From spontaneous bodily sounds to unexpected fluids to a couple of way-too-friendly pets, these stories put our own sexual crack-ups to shame.

Seriously, though, our throats weren’t designed to have giant cylinders shoved into them repeatedly!

The guy, just as I'd hoped, was really enjoying it and starting pushing my head down gently and making all kinds of noises. Source: i Stock The first time I ever gave a blowjob, I was very nervous. Source: i Stock So, I usually don't give blowjobs because I don't enjoy giving them.

Apparently, my will to succeed backfired on me because I gagged so much that THREW UP on him. I'd been with my boyfriend for a few months, but I was extremely unexperienced and didn't have a clue what I was doing. It was Valentine's Day, and my boyfriend practically begged for one.

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