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Also, please be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folders if you do not receive the email message.The simplest way to travel to Redang is by Berjaya Air which offers direct flights to the island from Kuala Lumpur's Subang Airport and Singapore's Changi Airport Budget Terminal.There is only one public ferry to Redang which runs between KT Shahbandar jetty and the Kampung (village) jetty in Redang.Tickets for the public ferry can be purchased at Shahbandar jetty (MYR50 one-way for adults, children pay half fare).Other resorts will make use of the public ferry which leaves from Shahbandar jetty to the Kampung jetty in Redang, after which passengers will transfer to other boats heading for the resorts.These ferry transfers are usually included in the resort's package price.Ferries to Redang depart either from Shahbandar jetty in Kuala Terengganu (KT) or from Merang jetty (40 minutes away from KT).Resorts that have their own ferries operate between Merang jetty and the resort and these boat transfers are usually included in the resort's vacation package.

The family discount will be applied when you check out. Starting times are staggered to provide the best conditions for participants and spectators.

Located opposite the Tourist Information Centre and General Post Office in downtown KT and 15 minutes walk from the KT coach station, it is nearby the tourist attractions of Puteri Hill, Maziah Palace, Chinatown, shops, eateries, the wet market and other places of interest.

Though rare, rough seas and stormy weather can result in delays or cancellations.

The only road on the island connects the Kampung jetty at one end to Berjaya resort at the other end and passes by the airport and the island's only village (kampung).

Visitors arriving at Redang airport or the Kampung jetty should pre-arrange with their resorts for transfers between the airport and the resort.

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