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Is it me or are Furries popping up in news stories more?It feels strange to bring it up, but I swear the fandom has been getting more media attention and a good amount of it has been positive. The reason I’m writing this opinion piece is, in part, because of my own history in the fandom. If you were a Furry around that time you were under the shadow of, what I prefer to call, the “Vanity Fair Era”.The earliest example of anthropomorphic literature commonly cited by furry fans is Aesop's Fables, which dates to around 500 BC.Anthropomorphic characters then continued to proliferate through the ages in the form of folk tales.Offering more exposure to Furry writers then anyone could ask for. Have you ever witnessed someone being triggered on Tumblr?Think of that, but with Nazis – which is funny to watch.

If you listen closely you can here several people clutching their pearls right now.Then we come to this year where the stories continue.Notably, popular writer Kyell Gold’s new book, “The Time He Desires,” getting featured on Slate’s LGBT Blog Outward, about tackling in front of current events took social media by storm.These stories do bring up the question of reasonability in the fandom, but that’s a discussion for another day. The main thing I want to bring up with this moment in the fandom, is that things are changing.

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