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The meat was advertised as a rare delicacy that denoted power and wealth.

The public believed that they were experiencing the good life when they partook of this delicacy and did all they could to get more of the prized meat.

To Joey, she was the most beautiful girl on the planet.

Linda had come by to help Joey and Joey's father prepare some livestock for the annual spring fair.

And soon, the nation was embroiled in a civil war between the haves and the have-nots.

The power elite subdued the poor with their superior firepower and resources.

Soon after taking control, a eugenics programme was introduced to cull certain elements of society that were not productive enough to serve the new masters.

Joey's father had farmed girl meat for almost fifteen years, almost as long as Joey had been alive. Grant had been a cattle rancher, but when the mad cow crisis hit, he was compelled to switch to another type of livestock. He thought the new meat animals looked and acted like humans.

The farm administration was pushing the farming of homo-primates, a new bioengineer meat animal based on monkeys and apes. Sure they were not as smart, but by almost all criteria, they were human.

Synopsis: A young farm couple from a Dolcette (girl meat) farm are recruited by the wealthy owner of a Dinner Club Pleasure Centre complex.

As key members of the staff, they embark on a journey of mayhem, mirth and adventure while meeting and befriending a colourful group of characters along the way.

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