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The question is so explosive that the pope has been asked by Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, archbishop of Yangon, never to speak the name ‘Rohingya,’ which is taboo in Myanmar, since this is a population that has always been denied any right to citizenship.

In fact, the official program of the papal journey does not show any meeting between Francis and a delegation of Rohingya, even if it is known that he will meet with some in Bangladesh, together with representatives of other religions, and perhaps even in Myanmar, in absolutely private fashion.

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The original text of the article is accompanied by numerous references to its sources: Rohingya Crisis: Will China’s Mediation Succeed? First, Wang called for a ceasefire in Myanmar’s devastated Rakhine state, which is at the center of the crisis.

Aimed at restoring order and stability in the Rakhine state, the ceasefire is expected to halt the flow of Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh.

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