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He's also interested in girls with model type bodies like Nana.Started by Chaegzbb Sep 15 Taemin is the youngest of the group, so he has a lot of older female fans. And during filming the program, the production crew occasionally intervenes in the couple’s dating because the young cast who is unused to a real variety show such as SHINee's Taemin and APink's Naeun needs some help filming the program.However, that does not mean that Taemin and Naeun always spoke as the production crew coached them.

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According to people in the Korean entertainment world, some of the cast members of “We Got Married” really have good feelings toward their partners. For example, a female cast who appeared in the program looked like she really liked her partner.

But, actually, she was dating somebody else in the real world at the time, while her real boyfriend was one of the most popular Korean stars.

I would like to tell you not to take “We Got Married” too seriously.

The scripts of “We Got Married” do not have any detailed words.

They just include general explanation of situation.

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