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And these stones were just not simple stepping stones or mortar bricks but more like boulders and these boulders had to be chiseled and cut down to size.

There are dozens of accounts where Jesus simply slipped away and blended into the crowds: If Jesus had a long, white flowing robe and He had long hair, He would have been easy to spot, since historical accounts show that the Jews in Jesus’ day had short hair.

He wouldn’t make a popular itinerant preacher today.

He wouldn’t be getting millions of hits on You Tube.

Jesus was not the effeminate looking man that most images reveal Him as.

He was a carpenter and carpenters in those days not only worked with wood, they worked with stones.

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    Service led by Rabbi Chase Foster, dinner, and activities that focus on the theme of social justice.

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    Her fingers scratching agains the sand in my thinning hair. There was that small indentation at her throat we called the Bosphorus. Taking a closed taxi and our quick-hand love between the Khedive Ismail Bridge and the Tipperary Club.

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