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In 1745, at Fontenoy in the Austrian Netherlands, a French army under the redoubtable Marshal de Saxe, clashed with a Anglo-Dutch-Hanoverian force.

The battle was an extremely bloody one, with eventually the French left holding the field against a massed infantry assault by the British and their allies.

The war quickly became a European affair as old enmities surfaced once again.

The French, naturally, opposed the Austrian Hapsburgs.

Despite this, Maria Theresa succeeded to most of her father's possessions, and there was an understanding among many German princes that her husband could be elected Emperor.

Frederick II of Prussia, however, used the dispute to invade Silesia in 1740 to enhance Prussian power and prestige.

Opponents: v Year: 1757 Battle type: Land Introduction At the outbreak of the Seven Years War Prussia was surrounded, and Frederick II of Prussia marched into Saxony and defeated the Austrians at the Battle of Lobositz. After winning a bloody siege, his apparently invincible army suffered their first loss at the Battle of Kolin.

His smaller and less powerful force had already fought two indecisive battles with a French fleet under the Comte ďAché. This time, however, Pocock would be on the offensive near the French base at Pondicherry.

Empire: Total War has five standalone historical battles, or scenario battles.

You can access them through the Single Player menu by choosing Play Battle, and from the following window the Scenario option.

The Creek flows through the countryside of Pennsylvania, enveloped by sheer cliffs and heavily wooded hills on both sides.

Knowing that much of fast-flowing creek could not be crossed, Washington was confident of holding his position.

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