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Bosanski ban je pobegao u Ugarsku, a Bosna je postala sastavni deo hrvatske drave.Ni hrvatska vlast nije dugo trajala, već je uskoro smenjuje Vizantija."Ponekad je vladao celom Bosnom samo jedan vladar, a ponekad je vlast bila podeljena na mnogo vladara od kojih je svako vladao za sebe" (Mavro Orbin).

The mentioned noble Kotroman was from Croatian part of Dalmatia. Tsar Dushan never had a border west of Drina river. Tell me where are the traces of Orthodox culture in Bosnia? The document was written two times in Latin and two times in SLAVIC.He never say Croatia that is lies post original "povelja" photos here and you will see that.He say clear that he is king of Serbia and that his mother and father is Serbians. Kotromanic was been Serbian kingdom dinasty: Bosna do pojave prvih Kotromanića Srpska Bosna i Srpska dinastija Kotromanic! Then that which is feared, Then that which is despised. When actions are performed Without unnecessary speech, People say, “We did it!These two languages will be of more use for designing additional subtitled versions.

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