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Load Data Row(New Object() , True) 'above only to build a sample datatable dt.

Mapping Name = "Names" Dim text Col As New Data Grid Text Box Column text Col.

Microsoft has not direct from the box a newer Data Grid that can show relational datatables in one Grid. After draging a Datagrid on the form , pasting in this code below and changing in the code below the Server name for yours.

For that the Windows Forms Data Grid can still be used in Framework 4.

Neste caso no necessitaramos de definir o Datamember.

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A tabela Customers no possui um campo muito adequado para um exemplo mais convincente ,vou usar portanto o campo City de e escolher algumas cidades de forma que exibam o nome do pais a qual pertenam.

Default View Dim ts As New Data Grid Table Style ts.

Add(text Col) Dim cmb Txt Col As New Data Grid Combo Box Column cmb Txt Col.

Selected Index) End If Return True End Function Private Sub Combo Start Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) is Editing = True My Base.

Focus() End Sub Protected Overloads Overrides Function Commit(By Val data Source As _ Currency Manager, By Val row Num As Integer) As Boolean If is Editing Then is Editing = False Set Column Value At Row(data Source, row Num, Column Combo Box.

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