New dating show on nbc

“He’s amazing, like a glove,” Darnell raves of Cohen. head of unscripted and alternative television echoes the host’s sentiment that everything fell into place at the right time.

The participants don’t adhere to one identifying factor — the individuals are young, old, black, white, virginal and, well, not virginal, and future episodes tease gay and lesbian dates as well.For some awkward humor, the guy is so taken aback by a date costing upward of 0 that he withdraws to the bathroom, calling a friend while having a moral dilemma about footing the bill.In an act of terrible (non-)chivalry, he not only shows the bill to his date but also implies that he would like to split it.The participants — from all over the US — are of various ages and backgrounds.At the end of each hour, the audience learns whether the daters plan to see one another again.

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