Newsequentialid error validating

The last two instances are extremely bad practice, but, as with any bad practice, they do happen.

A resulting problem from these types of modifications is that replication cannot be fully removed.

The execution plans that are generated from those reads should be as optimal as possible.In particular, Merge and Transactional Replication require either a Primary Key or UNIQUEIDENTIFIER column in order to function correctly.In order to manage a change capture -not to be confused with Change Data Capture (CDC) – a unique value is required for every row in a table so replication knows what changes to replicate.At this point, the only way to remove replication is to remove the index that was created on rowguid. Despite this error, replication can be partly removed but the application which references the rowguid column, mentioned earlier, and continues to insert directly into it.Now, the application falls under restrictions that prevent a simple change to the code base so we have to design something in the database to address this problem.

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